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For some time now we have been on the search for a bigger traditional wooden sailing ship. Now with Polarstar we begin the long process of getting her up to scratch and ready to sail.  We are allways on the look out for people up for being involved with the work, teaching, learning or just being part of the project.

A want a ship suitable for workshops. To teach others about
sailing, to share manual skills such as carpentry and metalwork.


A space for our community print workshops that uses traditional methods such as woodcuts and linoprinting.

A place to put our library of books about life on the seas and

rebellious seafarers.

A bigger enough boat to hold meetings, organise a pirate radio, put on events and discussions with numerous people abaord.


And to voyage from place to place with many things to
share with people who wouldn't otherwise have access to the ocean

or to a sailing ship.

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